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Cool T-shirts

Cool t-shirts are featured on this rather silly page. If you like tons of puns upon cool t-shirts, then this is the place for you, my friend. This page features all sorts of witty wordplay on some cool t-shirts in a whole range of adult sizes. So, jump aboard and buy some cool t-shirts today.

H1. I'm looking for a juicy sin to commit.

H2. TSA, Don't Touch My Junk!

H3. Your assertiveness training is wearing thin my Anger Management!

H4. I used to soar with eagles before I got sucked into a jet engine.

H5. Eat At Hung's

H6. Lethal Use of Farce

H7. Service With A Smile. (because I messed with your order)

H8. How can I be so wrong, when everything I do is right?

H9. Guest of Horror

H10. Wiki Leaker

H11. Turn your head and cough

H12. Scatological Liar

H13. Who's Got Short Shorts. I've Got Short Shorts.

H14. Can we schedule a play date?

H15. Glutton For Punishment

H16. Thank you, sir. May I have another?

H17. Your Smart

H18. Carry your own emotional baggage!

H19. If at first you don't succeed, don't go skydiving.

H20. Woulda Coulda Shoulda

H21. My Grandchildren Must Be Spoiled Because They Smell Bad!

H22. I can multi-task (talk and piss you off at the same time)

H23. All I ask is that you treat me no differently than you would the Queen.

H24. It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.

H25. They say that money talks but mine just waves, "Goodbye."

H26. I can't fix stupid.

H27. You can hug a tree, but going any farther is abuse!

H28. FCUK You, you dyslexic bastard!

H29. Don't Even Think About Asking To Hold The Baby

H30. Stop Your Whining!

H31. I Flunked Anger Management!

H32. My Kids' ATM Machine

H33. Where you stand depends upon where you sit.

H34. Life will be the death of me yet

H35. It's hard to reach for the stars when you always have your head up your butt.

H36. Insurance Motto: Like A Good Neighbor Screw You Katrina Survivors

H37. Vince Charming

H38. How do you say Dyslexia backwards?

H39. Stop Criticizing & Start Helping.

H40. My aptitude test says, "Best suited for Organ Donor."

H41. Silent Treatment in Session

H42. Pretentious Slob

H43. Humid Resources

H44. Show Me The Funny

H45. You! Outta the Gene Pool.

H46. There is no "me" in team. No, wait, yes there is!

H47. I've never ever ever ever ever been in denial!

H48. I'm not supersticious at all, knock on wood.

H49. I'm a good book. Wanna curl up with me?

H50. Pickle People Do It With Relish

H51. You Have The Right To Remain Violent

H52. Dump Him

H53. Hoe Depot

H54. Bro's Before Ho's

H55. I learn all my social skills from my television set.

H56. Don't make me send my flying monkeys after you!

H57. Sorry for the stupidity. It started before I was born.

eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me

H59. If at first you do succeed,
try not to look astonished.

H60. All Generalizations Are False.

H61. I'm a Local. Go away!

H62. Scent is tied to memory, but all I can remember are farts.

H63. No need to get defensive (when you can get offensive instead)

H64: When I'm In My Left Brain, I'm Not In My Right Mind.

H65. If you fall out of that tree and break your leg,
don't come running to me!

H66. If I've Told You Once, I've Told You A Thousand Times...

H67. I like to get drunk and check out the personal ads.

H68. I believe in racial discrimination. All racists need to be
discriminated against.

H69. I have nothing to declare except my genius and species.

H70. Don't bug me...I'm on my cell phone.

H71. Good Boys Need Spankings Too!

H72. The quickest way to get something in today's mail
is to call to find out where the hell it is.

H73. Don't get your hopes up, you little scurvy butt-monkey.

H74. Freaky Deaky

H75. i have a dirty mouth and know how to use it


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Aaaaargh, matey! Thars some mighty fine cool t-shirts on this rambunctious website. Thar she blows! I've spotted some pretty cool t-shirts here with wacky slogans. Even me parrot loves the tees here, savvy? If it weren't for having trouble getting these cool t-shirts over me hook, I would buy a gross of them. But, I recommend these cool t-shirt to any swashbuckler and bucko or bucket who might be reading me words now. Buy a bunch and that's an order! Aaaaargh!

- Jesse Jackson (aka, Steve the Pirate)

Suddenly Seymour was standing beside me and telling me to buy a bunch of these cool t-shirts. And, so I did. I must admit the quality of these cool t-shirts is much better than I imagined. I mean, Seymour was so right! So, I'm actually wearing twelve cool t-shirts from this site right now. Right on!

- Don Ho




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