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Sexy T-shirts

Sexy t-shirts tell the world that you have a wry and ribald sense of humor. The sexy t-shirts offered on this page contain sexual innuendo, suggestion and jokes. Buy a few sexy t-shirts today for yourself, your mate or your prospective mate to be. If you need an opening line or something to close the deal try some of our sexy t-shirts to raise an eyebrow and put a smile on the other person's face.

SX1. My name is Heimlich. Want to see my maneuver?

SX2. Talk is cheap and so am I

SX3. It's all about the penis

SX4. Eat Me Before I Go Bad

SX5. Navy Seal Team Sex

SX6. Horn Dog

SX7. Pornographic Memory

SX8. Niagara Falls? Viagra Better.

SX9. Gynecological Police Feet Back and Spread 'Em!

SX10. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, before I leave, show me your bust!

SX11. Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Down

SX12. Horny, Broke, Finger Still Works

SX13. Men are from Mars. Women want the Penis.

SX14. I'm a Snowman and I need a snow job.

SX15. Erection Perfection

SX16. Body Cavity Search & Rescue Team

SX17. May be used as a flotation device.

SX18. Me So Horny

SX19. If it weren't for leaning against the washing machine, I'd have no sex life at all.

SX20. Naughty Boy. Go To My Room.

SX21. I Wish These Were Brains.

SX22. Bad to the Boner

SX23. You can't please everyone and even if you could, who would want to spend the whole day in bed?

SX24. Sheep Testicle Fondler

SX25. Viagra 10K Run - always a lot of stiff competition!

SX26. If you have 10-inches, I have an opening.

SX27. Shallow but Swallow.

SX28. Uranus Probe Launched - Disappears In Black Hole

SX29. Big Heart Small Penis

SX30. Save the lap dance for me.

SX31. Objects In This Shirt Are Closer Than They Appear

SX32. I'd like a rub, and a tug, please.

SX33. These are real. So is my Wonder Bra.

SX34. Liquor in the front. Poker in the rear.

SX35. Claire Voyeur. I know when others are picturing me naked.

SX36. Who Let The Horn Dogs Out?

SX37. Rub My Lantern And See My Genie!

SX38. A penny for your thoughts a dollar if you flash me!

SX39. Clap On! Clap Off! Oh, Crap; I've Got The Clap!

SX40. Panty Claus

SX41. Hooter Inspector

SX42. Ask Me About My Weasel.

SX43. Cuntroller

SX44. Things Have Changed! It used to be sex, then a cigarette. Now, it is a birth control patch, then a nicotine patch.

SX45. Papa Chubby

SX46. Keep Staring

SX47. Horn Dog Obedience School

SX48. Rub My BELLY For LUCK!

SX49. I'm not bald. That's my solar sex panel.

SX50. I like doing my own thing, except when I can get a date.

SX51. School of Hard Knockers

SX52. These are real!

SX53. Life Is Hard And So Am I.

SX54. Don't Turn On Me. Turn Me On!

SX55. Hoot if you like Hooters

SX56. Scratch 'N' Sniff

SX57. You fake orgasm like I fake snoring.

SX58. Hey Mista, Ten Dolla Make You Holla

SX59. Horn Dog On The Loose!

SX60. Everyone gets behind sometimes. May I have yours?

SX61. One of us is thinking about sex.......O.K., now it's two.

SX62. Truck Stop Hooker

SX63. Call Me Planters 'Cause My Nuts Are Lightly Salted

SX64. I just wish my dick was as big as my turds.

SX65. Rub my belly and raise the flag pole!

SX66. I Choked Linda Lovelace

SX67. Is my dick big for this shirt?

SX68. I Like To Get Myself Drunk and Take Advantage Of Me.

SX69. Hello Titty

SX70. Boner Appetité

SX71. Penilly Challenged

SX72. Save A Virgin. Do Me Instead.

SX73. No Slut Left Behind

SX74. Sex Figure Income

SX75. Bobbing for Testicles

SX76. Backdoor Man

SX77. All Hands On Dick

SX78. They're Real & They're Spectacular

SX79. Herpe the Love Bug

SX80. Live like Movie Stars, Party like Rock Stars, Fornicate like Porn Stars

SX81. Total Dick

SX82. I Got Your Stimulus Package Right Down Here

SX83. Suck for a Buck?

SX84. Underwear Bomber

SX85. If you have an erection lasting over 4 hours - Call Me!


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Hear what the fiends have to say about our sexy t-shirts:

These sexy t-shirts are not only provocative, they're silly as well. That's why I like them. They are the bomb. And, if not the bomb, then at least a third rate missile. In fact, I bought a sexy t-shirt from this site and wore it for my mate. You've never seen a bigger smile! He he!

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

When I look on the sexy t-shirts on this page, I see slogans that are fun, funny and downright naughty. I mean some of these tees are downright dirty and nasty. In other words, these are just my kinds of sexy t-shirts! When I read all of these sultry sayings I begin to chortle with joy. I'm wearing one of these sexy t-shirts to the adult theatre right now, so don't bother me for 20 minutes.

- Pee Wee Herman








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