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Humorous T-shirts

Humorous t-shirts are a way to put a smile on anyone's face. With a humorous t-shirt you can deliver the gift of laughter to a loved one, friend, co-worker or the public at large. In fact, if you're into jokes then why not by some humorous t-shirts for every day of the week? In double fact, if you'd like to be like a joke-a-day calendar, then buy different humorous t-shirts for every day of the year! We wholeheartedly endorse this.

E1. I have a mind like a steel trapeze.

E2. Heart 2 Sizes 2 Small

E3. You want it yesterday? We'll have to reschedule that.

E4. I'm a paranoid writer who has developed quite a following.

E5. Best Day Ever!

E6. I Pee In The Pool

E7. School Of Hard Knocks. Graduate of Who's There.

E8. Too Big To Fail

E9. If you see me getting smaller, I'm leaving.

E10. Your Rules Don't Apply To Me

E11. Research says couples attract because of smell & that's something I have a lot of.

E12. Ego Trip. One-Way Ticket.

E13. All We Are Saying Is Give PIZZA Chance.

E14. There's Never Anything To Eat Around Here!

E15. Inner Beauty Is Over-Rated.

E16. You Can Talk To Me When You See Monkeys Flying
Out Of My Butt.

E17. You Have No Idea Who You're Messing With

E18. That's what HE said

E19. Maybe I'm Prejudice, But There's Something Wrong When I See An Illegal Alien Driving An Uninsured Car Chatting On A Cell Phone.

E20. .22 Caliber Mind in a .357 Magnum World.

E21. Alien Anal Probe Enthusiast

E22. Warning: I have an attitude and know how to use it!

E23. Of course I don't look busy. I did it right the first time.

E24. It's better to be a no-talent has-been than a talented never-was.

E25. Breathe In, Breathe Out. Repeat If Necessary.

E26. How can I miss you if you won't go away?

E27. No good, on the job, has ever come from the phrase,
"I need more work to do."

E28. I Pee On The Toilet Seat

E29. Will Wiki Leaks for Food

E30. I'm A Bad Man

E31. Keep Away From Small Pets and Children

E32. Full Frontal Nerdity

E33. You will meet a tall, dark stranger who will chop you into tiny pieces. --psychotic reading

E34. Fred's Dingo Farm

E35. Jerk Of All Trades

E36. I am an Atheist because it's God's Plan.

E37. May The Farce Be With You

E38. With Great Power Comes Great Irresponsibility

E39. Eat It Before It Goes Bad

E40. I graduated Laude Cum Quickly!

E41. My long-term goal is to get-rich-quick.

E42. If God created man, God can't be perfect.

E43. I speak SARCASM as a second language.

E44. I learned to play an instrument because I already mastered Farting.

E45. Neighbors Behaving Badly

E46. Got the Itch to Bitch

E47. If God is so smart, why did He make humans incomplete?

E48. Sometimes I feel like an abandoned vehicle.

E49. All we are saying is give GREEN a chance

E50. Moderation Kills!

E51. Retired: Leave Me Alone.

E52. I have a rifle and it IS tourist season.

E53. Psychokinesis moves me.

E54. dyslexics untie

E55. Eye Candy

E56. I was abducted by Aliens and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!

E57. Certified Hokey Pokey Instructor

E58. Licensed To Chill

E59. You have to change before I can like you.

E60. Constant Supervision Needed

E61. Attention Deficit ... Uh, ... Disorder

E62. Peripheral Visionary

E63. I Brake For Whales

E64. All That Matters In Sports Is Puck 'N' Balls.

E65. Dump Him

E66. WTF?

E67. Lord Of The Bling Bling

E68. If you go around acting like an asshole, sooner or later,
you will be covered in crap.

E69. Spermicidal Maniac

E70. Rockin' the Boat

E71. I Am An Artist! (okay, a scam artist)

E72. I am the game and but you can't play me.

E73. I speak Broken English as a second language.

E74. School for Gifted: Where Are My Gifts?

75. Why procrastinate today when you can do it tomorrow?

76. I Pee on Toilet Seats

77. WWGD - What Would Google Do?

78. I know you are, but what am I?

79. I'm the King of the Castle and You're a Dirty Rascal


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Hear what the politicians are saying about our humorous t-shirts:

These tees make me sneeze since I sneeze when I laugh. I bought a humorous t-shirt from this place just last week and I was the life of the party, man. Everybody loved my humorous t-shirt and I was sneezing all night long. I'm not used to getting a lot of attention, but my humorous t-shirts have made me more popular, better looking and a much better conversationalist. I guess I'm just going to have to get used to it. These humorous t-shirts help me with my social life so its money well spent.

- Bill Clinton









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